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Men's Swim Shorts


Swim Short Waist Measurement Size Chart

Original Weekend men's swim trunks are designed to be a tailored slim fit. If you are between sizes or you've never skipped leg day and would like a bit more wriggle room consider going a size up.

Organic Cotton T-Shirts


T-Shirt Chest Measurement Size Chart

Original Weekend men's t-shirts are designed in three fitting styles. Our urban t-shirts are a tailored fit which are great to wear around town or under a shirt. The beach style t-shirt is a little lighter and a slightly looser fit allowing extra comfort in warmer weather and by the pool. Or upgrade your style with one of our box-fit tees in a contemporary relaxed fit.
*Above t-shirt measurements are to fit chest sizes, these are not the t-shirt measurements



If at any point you feel the size you have ordered isn't quite right or you need some guidance, reach out through our contact page. We're here to help and want you looking and feeling your best all summer long.